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Liverpool Lime Street Remodelling


Substantial changes at Lime Street station will lengthen and widen some platforms by removing the long-disused loco release roads and also removing platform 1, and will add two new platforms in between the existing 7 and 8.

Re-signalling will see Lime Street, Edge Hill, Allerton Junction, Speke Junction, Ditton, and Runcorn boxes all closed, with control transferred to the Manchester ROC at Ashburys.

Inevitably, the project will also provide a substantial increase in retail space with four new shop units, including a supermarket, which will be accessed from Lord Nelson Street.

The two new platforms will go in here between 7 and 8 with the removal of the Virgin offices and other buildings.


Work will begin later in 2016.

In 2016 plans were announced for the station to close completely on 30 September 2017 for nine days followed by three weeks of extremely limited services. This has now been revised and the new plan calls for complete closure for three weeks from 30 September 2017 to 22 October.

A second closure will be required in 2018, details to be decided.

In service for December 2018[Network Rail - March 2017 Enhancements Delivery Plan].


April 2017:

  • A vehicular access route to the P7/P8 island laid across the P8 and P9 lines has been constructed.
  • The demolition of the former Post Office building on platforms 7 and 8 is well under way.
  • A temporary platform extension has been constructed at the end of platform 9, presumably to allow full length Pendolinos to use 9 when 7 and 8 are unavailable.

May 2017:
The demolition of the former Post Office building on platforms 7 and 8 is pretty much completed. This was all that remained on Sunday 7 May:

June 2017:
The Virgin building at the concourse end has closed and is surrounded by hoardings ready for demolition. Meanwhile, the former post office building has completely gone and the new track bed is being dug out. Virgin have a new building on the concourse. There is total chaos at busy times as the queue for the London trains, which used to be neatly arranged alongside platform 7, now stretches across the main concourse.